A Perfect Place To Start

The default set up for each of our simulations has a proven track record of classroom success. Using the defaults you can teach a wide variety of learning outcomes that are common in many business courses. There is no need for special training or computer skills required to use our simulations. We are there to answer your questions and get you off to a running start and educational success!

A Great Way To Grow

Our business simulations have the flexibility to grow with you as you want to explore new ways to use them in your classroom. You can customize an evolving cost structure through the lifespan of the simulation which impacts the profitability, ideal strategy, and the learning outcomes you can stress through the simulation. Customize the average market demand to simulate a variety of industry conditions: growing, declining, seasonal, or a demand sequence of your design. Also the weightings of the marketing variables that determine market share and the weights for determining company performance standings are in your control. Modifying the default configurations is quick and easy.

We are professors just like you -- we can help you with this. Test your ideas with us. We can help you configure our simulations to meet your desired learning outcomes.

Choose The Simulation You Are Using

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Micromatic has the flexibility to introduce your students to the challenges of managing an international business. You can set the currency for sales regions 1 and 2 to be either dollars or euros and in region 3 to be dollars, euros, or Chinese yuan. This will expose your students to managing the impact of fluctuating exchange rates and the imposition of tariffs. You can adjust these at your discretion.

You can also introduce the option for companies to purchase technological improvements. Those improvements represent installing new production equipment that changes the number of workers needed to achieve production goals - changing the cost of labor for the company.

Additionally, you can change the default rate of worker turnover. Since production is not possible when a production crew is short a worker, this adds a significant challenge for managing labor costs.


Mogul CEO presents players with the challenge of managing a business with two products where one has a high operating margin and the other has a low operating margin, making it marginally profitable BEFORE marketing costs are applied. You can moderate the impact of Product 2's low margin on company profits by shifting the costs of the various factors of production such as worker wages cost. As our most basic simulation, you can use the ability to customize the variables listed in the overview to achieve your learning goals!


Maven's flexibility allows you set it up to be as simple as a business selling 1 product in 1 region, as complex as 2 products in 3 regions, or any combination of 1 or 2 products selling in 1, 2, or 3 regions. This gives you the option of beginning the simulation exercise at the most basic level of 1 product in 1 region and then later switching to a more complex combination of the number of products and regions. This allows you to test if the students are able to transfer what they learned to a more challenging situation of managing a growing business.