Micromatic is designed for use in both graduate and undergraduate Strategic Management courses. Players experience the kinds of issues that are involved in managing a small manufacturing operation. Each decision round requires players to make approximately 100 decisions.


Mogul CEO is targeted at introductory management courses. Players learn the basic interactions between the marketing, operations, and finance functions of a business without being overwhelmed by detail. Each decision round requires players to make approximately 40 decisions.

Mogul CEO

Maven is targeted at introductory and intermediate marketing courses. Players focus on selling their products through retail markets to the general public Depending on the number of products and sales regions you set up, each decision round requires players to make approximately 30 to 65 decisions, primarily in the marketing area.


Which Simulation For Your Course

Our classroom tested simulations have been used in a wide variety of management and marketing courses for many years.

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Business Strategy (Undergraduate)
Business Strategy (MBA)
Principles of Microeconomics
Small Business Administration
Principles of International Business
Principles of Accounting
Production Operations Management
Principles of Management
Introduction to Business
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Marketing Research
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