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Oak Tree Simulations provides a family of business simulation games that help players get first-hand experience running their own simulated business in a safe environment. They also develop the skills needed to successfully work in teams.

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Teach Business Skills Through Simulation


Oak Tree Simulations produces a wide variety of business simulation games intended to teach business skills to undergraduate, graduate and corporate learners.

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Research shows that learning by doing drives greater retention than any other teaching method. Add competition and gamification, and you have learning at its best.

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Our simulations connect theoretical knowledge with real-world application. Confidence grows with each round motivated through friendly competition. What are you hoping for in your class?

Our Products

Oak Tree Simulations produces a family of business simulation games intended for teaching undergraduate, graduate and corporate learners effective business skills.

Micromatic is designed for use in both graduate and undergraduate Strategic Management courses. Micromatic allows players to experience the kinds of issues that are involved in managing a small manufacturing operation.

Mogul CEO is targeted at introductory management courses. Using Mogul players learn the basic interactions between the marketing, operations, and finance functions of a business without being overwhelmed by excessive detail.

Maven is targeted at introductory marketing courses; players focus on selling their products through retail markets to the general public. Players learn the challenges of applying the marketing concepts to a business enterprise.

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The following are just some of the institutions that use our simulations to enhance their players education and comprehension of business enterprises.

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And this is what they said

Maven is the perfect compliment to the textbook. Our 100 student class receives both individual and team based experience managing a business. Business theory comes alive when students work with the software. And, the back end tools and reports make classroom management and assessment a breeze - even with 100 students.

Mike Nolan
Minnesota State University

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We use Micromatic as part of an integrated core class of the MBA program designed to pull together diverse concepts and tools students have been exposed to. We have a clear set of learning objectives for the module, but during the closing team presentations students time and again amaze me with additional unexpected insights and take-aways gained from the simulation. This attests to the richness of their experience working with Micromatic making it a valuable element of any business curriculum.

Zoltan Horvath, PhD, MBA
Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

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We have used Mogul since 2012 for all 3000 of our first year students. It is a great tool for integrating marketing, finance and operations taught in our across unviersity entrepreneurship course. Mogul has been well accepted by our students as a new way of self-directed and interactive teaching and learning. It truly improves the students' analytical skills and I can see the excitement of our students every time they run Mogul business simulation.

Ir. Dr. Nazrul Anuar Nayan
National University of Malaysia

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The Maven simulation is exactly what I need for my class. I have been extremely satisfied with the support provided to me by the Maven Simulation designers. I have been using Maven for years, and the designers have continually improved the simulation experience and interface over that time.

Dr. Robert D. Jewell
Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Kent State University

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We have been using Maven for many years now. It has been an invaluable teaching tool for our capstone Marketing Strategies course designed specifically around the Maven platform. The real proof lies in what happens to the students over the course of a semester working with Maven. Some experience the jubilance of creating and executing a well thought out and strategically sound marketing strategy while others realize the ineffectiveness of a poor strategy. Either way, they all learn invaluable marketing lessons which could never have been learned in a traditional classroom. The simulation of a real-world business experience has a profound impact on our students.

Dawn Rovers
Fanshawe College

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The technical support provided by the Maven developers has been outstanding. Any questions that I have had about the simulation have been answered to my satisfaction in a timely manner.

Mark C. Hall, Ph.D.
Minnesota State University

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Mogul is a great tool to teach students to make critical business decisions in real-time. My students love it because they get first-hand experience running their own simulated business in a safe environment using what they learned in their management, marketing, and finance classes. The students get to make key business decisions and see the impact those decisions had on their business immediately.

Otis Williams, MEd
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

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My colleagues and I are big fans of Micromatic. Every semester we watch students recognize the limitations of book knowledge as they manage their simulated business. As a team exercise, it also gives students leadership and team-building experience. Over 90% of students rate Micromatic as an excellent learning experience.

Paul Lapides
Kennesaw State University

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Since incorporating the simulation into our capstone strategic marketing course in 2005, our graduating students have consistently commented on the positive contribution the program has made to their learning experience. The new media tactics and the new online interface have enhanced the value Maven provides for our students.

Perry Broome
Fanshawe College

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As a two year community college we use Mogul as our capstone course for Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting majors. It has proven to be a real challenge to students giving them the opportunity to work and learn in a simulated business environment.It provides a practical application and use of all of the various disciplines taught here including math and writing skills. Mogul allows students to ultimately see how the different aspects of a business come together. I highly recommend it!!

James Macke
Professor Emeritus
Cincinnati State College

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In subsequent courses, I have found myself making reference back to the Mogul experience, and students who had been through the simulation, understood exactly what I meant! Students who had been through the simulation brought the ability to think collectively, analyze data and move toward decision-making into concepts in different courses. I am working on the syllabus for next fall, and without a doubt Mogul will be a key part of the course!

Laurie Busuttil
Redeemer College

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