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What is Mogul? A Management Simulation Game

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Mogul is a computer-based model that simulates a small manufacturing company that produces two products. The manufacturing process consists of forming plastic raw materials (sheets of plastic) into the finished consumer products. The products are sold through retail markets to the general public. The two products are not substitutes for one another, nor are they complementary. This means that sales of one product do not effect sales of the other product. You will also have to decide whether to make the products yourself or to sub-contract the manufacture of them to another company.

Mogul is targeted at introductory management courses. Each decision round requires students to make approximately 40 decisions. Through the simulation students learn the basic interactions between the various functional areas of business without being overwhelmed by a mountain of detail. Mogul helps students early in their careers to get first hand experience running their own simulated business in a safe environment. They also develop the skills needed to successfully work in teams.

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Two Versions In One

There are two versions of the Mogul program, Mogul Team and Mogul Solo. In Team Mogul you will be part of a group that will manage your company. Your company will compete with other companies in the same marketplace that will be managed by other groups in your class. In Mogul Team, the instructor processes the decisions that teams make regarding the operation of their company after collecting the decisions from all the competing teams. After processing, the teams will make a new set of decisions based on the results of those just processed. Each decision-round represents three months of operations (i.e., one quarter of a year). Your instructor will determine how many decision rounds you will play. The maximum number is 20.

Mogul Solo is the play-alone version of the Mogul Team. The solo version places you in competition with companies managed by the computer rather than by other groups in your class. The computer uses logic developed by us to manage these companies. While your competitors will act rationally, they are not all-knowing, perfect competitors. With practice, you can successfully compete against these companies. In Mogul Solo, you process the decisions for the companies. This includes the decisions you entered for your company, as well as those determined by the computer for your competitors.

Using Mogul Team and Solo, you will:

  • Decide your company mission, goals, policies, and strategies.
  • Develop skills in planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling a business.
  • Make decisions in the areas of:
    1. Marketing, including market research and sales forecasts.
    2. Finance, including short-term and long-term loans.
    3. Manufacturing, including raw materials orders, production volume, scheduling, staffing, and inventory control.
  • Have the opportunity to ask 'what-if' questions by entering a sales estimate and seeing what the results of your decisions would be given this level of sales.
  • See the results of your decisions and have an opportunity to correct mistakes in the following quarters of operation.

Mogul is a great distance learning tool!

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